Excellent post about a great tune. I have always loved the use of the song in the Wall Street, set-up-the-fancy-apartment montage. It works so perfectly.... and for many people might be how they discovered the song.

The Ben Bridwell / Iron & Wine cover happens to be an enjoyable version. 👍😀

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A classic song indeed and one of those album ending tracks that seem to point to the next record, namely Little Creatures, which was filled with "naïve melodies"!

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I like this, but the classic Talking Heads closer has to be ‘The Big Country’ from ‘More Songs ...’, which (if you’re betting without ‘Psycho Killer’) might even be my favourite ever THs song

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This is my wedding song. I've always loved its simplicity in melody and in romanticism.

I got plenty of time

you got light in your eyes

And you're standing here beside me

I love the passing of time

Never for money

Always for love

Cover up + say goodnight.

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