I recently listened to Transmissions: The Definitive Story of Joy Division & New Order podcast (released in 2020) and although the majority of it was nothing new, it sent me down a New Order rabbit hole. But did I play any of the last songs from any of the albums? I think not, so these NO Closer pieces are the perfect reminders to rectify that. Kevin, I don't know where you find the time to be a guest star on top of all the multiple weekly posts you write. I'm convinced you are a vampire or you have a twin doing half the work.

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Mar 1, 2023Liked by Mitchell Stirling

You know a concept has worked (RoGs crossed with OR) when you're waiting for a post to arrive!

I'm delighted to see the 'Movement' closer make the top three, and there's not a lot I'd argue with, although ...

... personally I'd have gone for 'Leave me Alone' at #1, the intro in particular gets me every time as it sounds like the perfect lead in to one of those classic Joy Division tracks we'll regretfully never get to hear.

This has also given me thought on a potential riposte Mitchell, which I'll email you about separately!

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Oh, I meant to ask -- Mitchell, you are looking for someone to come up with 10 great album closers from 2014? It's so specific, that I want to know more. Does it have to be 10?

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