Very excited for this series! Such a good idea. I think the best Bad Seeds album closer by some length is "Push the Sky Away", but would give honorable mention to "O Children" and "Babe, I'm on Fire." My sense at a quick scan is that he got better at album closers over time.

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Just wanted to say thanks again Mitchell for this 'guest post' opportunity, it's an honour to join the Run Out Grooves ranks! I'm really looking forward to getting into the second batch of albums (Henry's Dream' through to 'Nocturama') which includes some of my all-time favourite Bad Seeds moments.

If anybody feels tempted (off the back of this) to give my 'maverick music' themed novel a try then the best place to catch up, from the start, is through the links on this post: https://challenge69.substack.com/p/a-chance-to-catch-up?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2

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