Wonderful composition to the song and message. It’s probably my favorite Gaye track.

On a side note, not sure why I thought James Jamerson did bass. Maybe I’m thinking of another song.

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I'm wondering, Chevanne, if maybe the Funk Bros had a sort of revolving chair for most instruments, in case a Jamerson, say, might have been on another session during this Gaye session. Also, for someone of Marvin's stature, could he have had his own band, touring and otherwise, that he employed? All just blue-skying on my part....just tossin' out guesses!! They made it all sound great, regardless!!✨😉👍🎶

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I remember a story about Jamerson being too drunk to sit on a stool and playing his part laying down on the studio floor. Babbitt said playing “Scorpion” was the benchmark for a good basis. After that, you had to play laying down!

It’s fun to imagine.

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Jamerson did, by all accounts, lay on the floor to record the bassline for the title track and either stood or sat for half of the rest of the album but not this or 'Mercy Mercy Me'.

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Dec 15, 2022Liked by Mitchell Stirling

lovely to read an in depth breakdown about this album! subscribed, excited to read more about last album tracks that may have passed me by.

i also write music musings on my newsletter, FRESH! let me know what you think:


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